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Reasons To Buy Yellow Chickpeas From Top Yellow Chickpeas Supplier In The USA

Posted by Admin on December, 17, 2020

Chickpea is a kitchen essential as it is consumed by a maximum number of people all across the globe. It comes in a wide variety which varies by the plant itself. Yellow Chickpeas Supplier in USA provides all range at affordable price online. You can identify the variety with its colour. Have a look at the varieties:

Kabuli: it is large in size and beige in colour. It is increasingly widespread in American groceries due to its mild nutty, creamy texture.

Green: this is the younger chickpeas that come with a sweet flavour. Many people love to eat them for its raw, healthy and sweet taste.

Yellow Chickpeas: it is a highly used variety of chickpea. It is small and dark with yellow interiors. They have a thicker, more nourishing seed coat than the Kabuli-type beans. These are called as desi Chana or Chana dal as well. It is also available as split chickpeas.

Nutritional value of yellow chickpeas
Chickpeas are exceptionally high in protein that an essential nutrient required by all body types. Other essential nutrients in a cup of yellow chickpeas are:
• Calories: 269
• Fibre: 12g, 50% Daily Value (DV)
• Carbohydrates: 45g
• Fat: 4g
• Protein: 15g
• 71% DV of Folate (Vitamin B9)
• 28% DV of Phosphorus:
• 26% DV of Iron:
• 17% DV of Zinc:
• 13% DV of Thiamin (Vitamin B1):
• 11% DV of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):
• 8% DV of Calcium:

How to Buy Chickpeas?

Dried chickpeas:

You may buy dry chickpeas from Yellow Chickpeas Supplier in USA online grocery with the canned goods. This variety of chickpeas should be stored in an airtight container and can be used for a very long time.

Canned chickpeas: Yellow Chickpeas Wholesale Supplier in the USA offer canned chickpeas also which can be eaten straight out of the can. Make sure you rinse them off before eating to wash out excess sodium!

Chickpea flour: Indian and Italian cuisines use this variety of chickpeas into a lot of dishes, from curries to pasta! People are crazy about chickpeas and its products in USA more than any other country in the world. Hence a huge number of Yellow Chickpeas Wholesale Suppliers in USA are coming forth to supply premium range in the market.

Where to get a premium range of yellow chickpeas?

Contact an online supplier with repute. As the most trustworthy wholesale Chickpeas Supplier in the USA, they source an only qualitative range of chickpeas direct from the farmer and supply only after assessing the quality. They are supplying a qualitative range of yellow chickpeas at an affordable price in a customised packaging option.

With the help of a wide distribution network, they are competently meeting time stipulated delivery. Within their advanced unit of packaging, they use high-grade packaging solutions to deliver a bulk quantity of yellow chickpeas securely. Top Yellow Chickpeas Supplier in the United States is endowed with a large efficient warehouse and a secured online or offline payment system.

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